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Israel and the Jewish people have a unique place in the lives of Christians. Jesus, who Himself was a Jew, came to our earth as the result of a 2,000-year time of preparation of the Jewish people, and He brought with Him salvation for all mankind. Everything took place in the land of Israel! Soon, Jesus will be coming back again – back to the only place on earth where His feet recognize the stones and the dust. Back to the only place on earth He ever called “home”. Back to the people He loves so deeply. Back to Israel.

The return of the Jewish people to their own land and the establishment of the State of Israel is an important part of God’s salvation plan. For almost two thousand years, the mere idea of a Jewish state was at best a far-off dream. Not many did anything to re-establish Israel…. except God! His promises never fail and nothing speaks stronger about God’s faithfulness than the story of Israel.

For nearly seventy years, the Jewish state – against all odds – stands as a testimony of God’s faithfulness to His word and His love for the Jewish people. Since 1948, the Jews once again have a homeland on this earth; A place that welcomes them and protects them. Unfortunately, anti-Semitism around the world shows us far too often that this protection is absolutely vital.

The 70th anniversary of the State of Israel is a reason for celebration. God’s promises now apply to all people. We want to rejoice with the Jewish people and over this miraculous little nation with its many achievements. We want to encourage them and say that we believe in you, we support you and we pray for you! Israel needs to see that there are Christians who care for the Jewish people and their land – and we Christians need to deeply understand God’s heart and passion for Israel.


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Israel Report is a free electronic newsletter that comes out every month in nine languages and aims to provide objective and balanced information on topics related to Israel and the Jewish people, so that people can form well-informed opinions and decisions.

Word of Life wants to use this newsletter as a counterweight to the, often one-sided reports of the mass media, and the generally ultra-critical attitude in our society towards Israel. The Israel Report focuses on news that is often ignored or distorted, and aims at undergirding Israel’s voice in the debate, thus giving the general public better opportunities of making sound judgments of the facts.

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