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Here at Word of Life, we like young people! We believe they are important, have a lot to contribute and that they can make a difference in our time and environment. We want to see them grow, both in their life with Jesus, but also as people, to have the opportunity to develop in their creativity and what they think is fun. Above all, we want them to enjoy being here in the church. Simply put, we love Jesus, we love young people, and we love it when they meet!

Youth activities – Word of Life Youth – involves some 3-400 young people led by youth pastor Fabrice Ahishakiye and about 80 youth leaders on a voluntary basis.


Worship services and home groups for young people

Every Friday at 7 pm, we hold youth meetings which include praise, preaching and prayer. Afterwards, the café is open where we hang out together, talk and find fun things to do together.

The young people also have their own home groups where they meet in smaller groups during the week for fellowship, encouragement and prayer.


Confirmation, camps & youth trips

Confirmation camps, summer camps, team trips and ski trips are just some of the youth events taking place during the year. Click on the buttons below.

Confirmation teaching goes on throughout the academic year for Year 8 students. Contact the office if you want to join or have any further questions. 

As a young person, you can go on team trips to a variety of countries, One example is the Eurotour, where more than 100-150 young people travel around Europe doing large-scale evangelisation concerts, presenting Jesus through song, music and dance.


Youth Conference

Every year, during the mid-term autumn break, we run our annual Youth Conference, attracting around 2,000 people from all over Scandinavia and many other parts of the world – a great event for your entire youth group.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact the youth office at:


or phone: +46 (0)18- 489 80 30