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The Word of Life Bible Centre (LOBC) in Uppsala is a unique Bible school. It is a greenhouse for your relationship with God, and the best possible preparation for your future – wherever the road may lead. At LOBC you will discover an outgoing and faith-filled environment – perfect for everyone wanting to live a Jesus-centred daily life, to build a solid, all-round foundation in the Bible and to be equipped to make a difference in their world. Altogether, more than 25,000 students have graduated from Word of Life Bible Schools.

At LOBC, the teaching is wide-ranging, relevant, and easy to put into practice. During a single academic year, you get to study more than 20 interesting topics, which during the following autumn term, are built upon with a yet more practical focus. Our extensive experience and recognized high quality guarantee that, as a student, you get the maximum out of your Bible school year.

We warmly welcome you this autumn!