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Deaconry, care and support

During certain times of our lives– for shorter or longer periods, we all need the help and support of those around us. Here in the Word of Life Church, we ​​want to have such an open and warm atmosphere that it feels both natural and uncomplicated to ask for help when life demands it.

We have an experienced pastor team along with many volunteers who have experience in the areas of law, finance, contact with authorities, family counselling, etc., making it possible for you to receive counselling and intercession if you need it.

What help can we offer?

What does a deacon do? Deaconry is a broad concept, but here at Word of Life we want to be on hand to provide help and support if you get sick and end up in hospital, or if there is a death in the family and you need help with the funeral. We also assist with financial advisory services, crisis management and family counselling, and have meetings for children with special needs (UNIK meetings). We conduct weddings and counselling sessions preparing for marriage. We have experience in legal issues, contact with authorities, and refugee and asylum issues, alcohol and drug problems, loneliness and other challenges that people may encounter. Being a Christian church, we would of course also want to help you and give you guidance if you are struggling with spiritual issues. God is interested in the whole person!

In connection with our worship services we always provide the opportunity for you to speak to someone or receive prayer from pastors, counsellors or intercessors.


Pastor Urban Karlsson is the person responsible for the deaconry ministry here in the church:

or phone: +46 (0)18-489 80 11


Intercession and counselling via telephone and email

If you are in need of counselling or intercession, you are welcome to call our prayer support service on: +46 (0)18- 489 80 08. You are also welcome to email us with your prayer request on: bon@livetsord.se