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Welcome to us, welcome home!

What is Word of Life? Since Word of Life first saw the light of day on 24 May 1983, we have dreamed, built, developed and shaped a church that loves Jesus and loves people. What we long for most is to be a warm and outgoing church and a place where people, young and old, can feel right at home and included in the Christian community. If your heart’s desire is to be able to grow as a person, both in your faith in Jesus and in your creativity, then this is the place to be. Currently, we have about 3,000 signed-up church members in Uppsala. Word of Life is a “faith movement” church.


Word of Life’s vision & work

Our work is many-faceted, not only here in Uppsala, but also across the rest of Sweden and globally. Our goal is to bring the love of Jesus to as many people as we can. The words we received from the Lord at the outset and which have led us in all we do are these: “Equip God’s people with His Word of Faith. Show them their spiritual weapons. Teach them how to use them and send them out in victorious battle for the Lord.” These words find their expression in everything we do – in our local church with all its activities, our social work amongst refugees, the homeless and the needy in Uppsala, in our  missions work and our Bible schools as well as our humanitarian aid work in many countries of the world.

At present, there are Word of Life congregations in three locations in Sweden, the mother church in Uppsala led by Senior Pastor Jan Blom, a church in Jönköping led by pastor Eddie Stigson and another in Gothenburg led by pastor Lennart Fjell. Over the years, we have also established an extensive international network within which we have planted more than a thousand churches, are running many Bible schools, constantly run pastors’ and leadership training courses, are sending television broadcasts, carrying out missions work, and doing humanitarian work among the needy and in the wake of natural disasters. All the time, we see how God leads us onward in our work and how He opens new and exciting doors and opportunities on the mission field.


Our work overseas

The Christian community knows no national boundaries. Since 2012, we have named our international network, Word of Life International (WOLI) which embraces Word of Life’s various centres around the world. Together, these centres represent Sweden, Armenia, Georgia, Russia/Siberia, Vietnam, Azerbaijan, India, other European countries, as well as nations in Africa and Central Asia. WOLI works primarily with faith teaching, preaching the Gospel, spiritual life, missions, and unity.