» Social work

Our heart for Uppsala

The Gospel is very practical and for us at Word of Life, it goes without saying that we extend a helping hand to people in need of humanitarian aid. Through our daily activities we have contact with a large number of families, children and young people who, in various ways, need help and support. General human care, coupled with the belief that God is able to transform lives, gives us a socially holistic perspective.

The heart of this work is all our volunteers, who every week provide care and support to the homeless, to refugees and the socially vulnerable or where the greatest needs are found. Another important factor is our cooperation with the police, authorities and other organizations that are involved in social work in Uppsala. We are both happy and grateful to be able to participate as a church in making our city a little better.

The activities we are involved in include:

  • Soup kitchens in Gottsunda
  • Providing help to Uppsala’s homeless people
  • Running a hostel
  • Integration of children and youth
  • Night patrols